School Cabinet

School Cabinet

The School Cabinet is a very important Committee of the school . It plays an important role in maintaining the discipline and organising cultural programmes on Teachers Day in the school. They are also assisted by the Staff who are appointed by the Principal as House Mistresses and Assistant House Mistresses. There are 15 members in the cabinet. Students of Std. VIII & IX are elected each year by the Principal and the Teaching Staff. Every Year the Cabinet is sworn in at the Investiture Ceremony held after the election. The term lasts for one year.

The Investiture Ceremony is held with great Honour and Solemnity. The Presiding Chief Guest and President along with the Principal calls upon the swearing in of each member. The Parents of the Cabinet chosen are invited to the ceremony.

The following girls are the members of this years School Cabinet/ Board Of Honour 2016 – 2017


Ms. Richa D’souza


Saturn House – Ms.Alisha Shinde

Venus House – Ms. Tasneem Khalid

Jupiter House – Ms. Rumaysa Khan

Mars House – Ms. Umaira Mohammed

House Vice – Captain

Saturn House – Ms.Shifa Khan

Venus House – Ms. Sushila Mandal

Jupiter House – Ms. Kashish Charri

Mars House – Ms. Sarah  Ejaz


Ms. Hasina Shaikh


Ms. Alfiya Shaikh


Saturn House: Ms.Vipassana Khandare

Venus House: Ms. Deanne Saldanha

Jupiter House : Ms. Preeti Gothmukale

Mars House: Ms. Janelle D’souza

The Students’ Council, Monitor’s, Sports’ Captains, House Captains and Vice- Captains aid the Staff in the efficient running of the school. Normally they are selected at the commencement of the year on the basis of applications and all –round proficiency.