At the beginning of the Academic Year the Class teachers along with their students prepare the Birthday Chart, House Chart and Time Table. These charts are displayed in the classrooms and judged by the principal for their creativity, neatness and  clarity.

 This year the following classes were the winners of the competition.

Birthday Chart – Primary Section.  1st place Std. IV B

                                               2nd  Place Std. III A

                   Secondary Section.      1st Place Std. VIII B

                                                      2nd Place Std. V B

House Chart – Secondary Section.   1st Place . Std. IX A

                                                2nd Place. Std. IX B

Time Table.- Primary Section.         1st Place Std. II B

                                                2nd Place Std. I B

                   Secondary Section.    1st Place Std. V A

                                                      2nd Place Std. X A