The first 15 days of the month of January was declared by the H Ward Department of Education as  Importance of Marathi Language . Schools were asked to conduct assembly and competitions in Marathi so that the children master the fluency of the language.

10th January – Marathi Handwriting Competition. For Std V to VII.

11th January – Assembly in Marathi conducted by the students of the Secondary Section. Prayers

were said and Hymns sung in Marathi. The News , Pledge, Preamble was recited  in Marathi.

15th January – A series of activities was held to celebrate the closing of the Marathi Language fortnight.

  1. Students of Std VII sang devotional songs in Marathi . ‘ Namaskar Maazha Gyannamandira.
  2. Sneha Das of Std IX B delivered a speech on the topic ‘Importance of Women’s Education in Marathi.”
  3. Meghna Chavan from Std VIII B narrated a story in Marathi.
  4. Students of Std V & Vi recited few poems in Marathi.
  5. Students of Std VI presented skit on “Mute animals “ in Marathi.