Mother Clara Kindergarten clay moulding competition was held on 11th December 2018 in the respective class rooms during the school hours. Students brought their own clay and made different models and children enjoyed making it. Sr. Sharon Baracho and Miss Carron Dsouza were the judges for the competition.

The List of the winners of the competition is listed below.

1st Prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

Consolation prize

Malik Afreen Shaikh- Jr.Kg.A

Ariba Shaikh- Jr K.g.A

Amrita Singh- Jr. Kg.B

Ritika Singh- Sr.Kg . B

Alia Hanif Shaikh- Sr. Kg. A

Aqsa Qureshi-Sr.Kg. B

Aysha Tarnoom-Sr.Kg.B

Shifa Memon- Sr. Kg.B