General Facilities

Audio-Visual Room

Visuals create sharper and longer impacts on the students mind. We are equipped with modernized teaching methodology with the help of Information Technology. We have installed DVD player, LCD projector and overhead projector in our spacious audio-visual room. This helps them to learn the upgraded coursework.

CCTV Cameras

An eye on the sky, keeps away cry. School management has installed 21 Closed Circuit TV Cameras, which covers all the class rooms, staff room, audio-visual room, Library, Science Laboratory and school campus. All the CCTV cameras are regularly and closely monitored from our central control room. Due to this strategy of management, we have observed drastic reductions in the mis-conduct and unethical activities by the students and give them a disciplined environment.

Microwave, Refrigerator, Gas stove

My School is my family….The Principal.
We have provided homely atmosphere to our staff, which make them feel comfortable and happy. School has provided facilities of Refrigerator, Gas stove and Microwave in staff room.