Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Province of Our Lady of the Mount, as a Consecrated and Prophetic Community with lay collaborators are called to educate, empower and evangelize the young, especially the poor and to establish God’s kingdom of justice and peace, collaborating with the local in the spirit of Blessed Maria Clara and Fr. Raimundo, our Founders.
mariaFr. Raimundo Bierao

Under the guidance of St. Francis of Assisi, our Patron.


Our Mission

We the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters at Mount Mary Convent High School provide quality education through the dedicated teamwork with our collaborators in a Christian environment to nurture, Godly, disciplined and enterprising citizens who will be an assets and a transforming agent to the society at large.

St. FrancisSt. Anthony