School History

“History Is A  Vision Of God’s Creation On The Move”

The Congregation of the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception’s India branch was established in Goa in 1886 and spread from there to the various parts of the country. A Franciscan Hospitaller Sister of the Immaculate Conception (FHIC) is a person, consecrated and dedicated to follow Jesus Christ and serve her brethren, especially the more needy. She commits herself to witness hospitality, the specific charism of the congregation, which is reflected in the multiple forms of service.

As Franciscans, we follow the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, whose ideal was to live according to the Gospel. These few simple words were his rule: “When Lord gave me brethren, no one taught me what I should do, but the Lord himself revealed to me, that we should live according to the Holy Gospel.” (testament of St. Francis, 16 & 17). Being born and formed by the Gospel, the Franciscan vocation is open to all categories of persons and all form of activity.

Foundation and early years (1910 -1932) The Sister’s entry to Bandra were the design of Providence. It was at the feet of Our Lady of the Mount that our Pioneers started a school and named it “Colegio da Imaculada Conceicao″; but the people right from the start kept calling it “Mount Mary Convent″.

Schoool buildingThe Convent had a very humble beginning, with a small furnished house; but within few months a spacious building was put up for the boarding school which housed 52 boarders and 36 Orphans. Established in 1910, Mount Mary Convent, Bandra, is a school for girls, recognized by the Government of Maharashtra. Run by the Catholic Minority, the school is open primarily for Catholic students, however, non catholic students are also admitted. While keeping the Christian character of the Institution, we consider is our duty to respect the beliefs of the other students. In 1930, Mount Mary Convent put up a new School Building. In 1931, it was raised to a High School; and in 1932, it sent up its first students for the Bombay Matriculation Examination, obtaining a hundred percent success.

The Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters aim at imparting a good all-round education. It is “a permanent and dynamic process that aims at helping the student to fulfill herself as a person responding to the challenges of her human vocation and identifying herself progressively with the New Man, in her triple relationship with God, with the others and the world”.

We aim at the integral and personal formation of the students by giving them an education, which is morally, physically and mentally sound. In keeping with the national aspirations, we help the student to become mature, spiritually oriented persons of character, actively useful and worthy citizens of India.

Old School viewBesides catering to the scholastic needs of our students, we attached great importance to Physical training, sports and games and other co-curricular activities. Through such programmes and competitions, children display their talents and are helped to discover their potential.