The theme for the school Annual Day was “Incredible India “. The function was held in the evening with the school band playing a melodious music welcoming the chief guest Adv. Aarif Ali. M. Ali. who was  accompanied by the Provincial  Sr. Marjorie ,Principal Sr. Stella Marthi and Supervisor Sr. Melicia Fernandes. The programme began with a welcome speech by the the Emcee Mrs. Thereza Fernandes and the Chief guest was introduced by a student of Std. VIII Ms. Choudhary Nuzhat. Followed by the welcome song sung by the students and a prayer dance .The Principal in her address brought in the powerpoint presentation of the school report 2017 – 2018. The students presented a skit on the story of a retired army personnel who is asked by his grandchildren to narrate his experiences of the various places he was posted in India . As he narrates his memories of the various places the students of classes 1 to IX dance the traditional folk dances of the places he has visited.  A vote of thanks was given by Ms. Anju Seth on behalf of the Management, staff and students for a good response of the parents and guest who attended the function.