On ,Saturday at 8.30 am  the students of the K.G Section had their annual day programme in the school hall. The theme for the annual day was the musical play “Cinderella ” enacted by the students of the Kindergarten. Mrs. Thereza Fernandes was the compere for the Annual Day Function.Our Chief guest was Sr. Lilia Lucia Fernandes , the manager of the Mother Clara  Kindergarten and the Superior of  Mount Mary Convent , Sr. Marjorie Caldeira Our Provincial ,Sr. Queenie her assistant and the sisters of the convent were present for the function. The Parents were welcomed by Memon Shifa ,student from SR. Kg B. Sr.Lilia Lucia Fernandes  shared her views and gave her inputs about the function  while addressing the parents. After the musical play, prizes were distributed  by Sr. Marjorie to the deserving  students who won the 1st , 2nd & 3rd place in clay moulding, singing , poetry and handwriting competition for the academic year 2018-19. Vote of thanks was given by our principal Sr. Stella Marthi to all the parents, teachers , students . The function concluded by 10.00 am and the students and the parents went home with good memories.